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Baltic Nordic Venture Partners Baltic Nordic Venture Partners
  • More

    than money

    BNVP is a Baltic VC that provides seed, early and growth stage companies funding, operational partners, and a systematic approach to finding the right business model.
  • WE believe in

    power of ideas

    Ideas that change lives. Ideas that reflect a reaction to the rapidly changing needs of people and their current priorities.
  • At the

    end of the day

    we are committed to provide simple, unlimited solutions that healthier existing projects and financially empower today’s investor.

At Baltic Nordic Venture Partners fund , we invest in passionate entrepreneurs that have Powerful Ideas.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world-class startup investment and consulting group, which would become the main launching ground for next game changers from Baltic – Nordic region. Thus, we seek out devoted teams with startups that can change the business as we know it and even start the development of completely new markets.

Our mission

Our mission is to every day increase the value of our ventures. BNVP is created to give the most promising startup Founders what they need the most:
  • easy access to capital in early stage,
  • professional advice and experience,
  • Global network of seasoned entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders

Secret to our success

Secret to our success lies in the talent and motivation of our team. Our advantage is the high level of expertise, thorough analysis, selecting the right business processes and teamwork. BNVP already has capital commitment of 20M EUR and access for expansion to European, Israeli and USA markets.

If your startup goals...

If your startup goals match our vision, we can help you grow your startup into a thriving global business. It often happens so that the most Powerful Ideas start small – thus we understand that you will have some missing answers in this phase of your business. But if you are located in the Baltic-Nordic region (or maybe you are soon going to be) we are eager to talk to you about how Powerful Ideas change the world, with your company in the center.

Startups at the seed stage are just beginning the journey. Most of the Founders make a decision to develop an innovative solution to the problem that they themselves face in their daily life or work. At this stage they usually have just an idea or a concept with some kind of feasibility study. Seed startups need a lot of attention and mentorship, not only investments of capital. We specialize in dealing with startups at their earliest and know how to advice them onto the right path. What we look for is a Powerful Idea and understanding what it can lead to.

We're interested in fresh seed stage projects targeting or coming from the Baltic-Nordic region and can commit up to 100,000 EUR in as little as few days for their A-round.

At early stage startups have already taken the necessary steps towards their destination. Whether startup will travel on the right road and use all the shortcuts along the way depends on the quality of guidance and advice it receives. During early stage you should already have a business plan with clear monetization strategy, know specifically what you will need to take your business further.

We are willing to invest up to 1 million EUR in your startup by ourselves or cooperate with other investors who bring their share of value to the table.

If you already have a successful business and are looking for help to expand we offer our partnership to bring established businesses to Nordic-Baltic region, Israeli and USA markets. We can contribute with financial support, our network of local talented professionals and understanding of the market.

We can contribute from 1 to 10 million EUR for interesting ventures.

How much does BNVP invest?

We can commit up to 100 000 EUR for A-round of seed stage projects targeting or coming from the Baltic-Nordic region.

How much equity does BNVP take for its investment in a Seed stage startup?

We expect 30% to 45% equity stake in your company in Seed stage, but our position can vary depending on capitalization and size of your startup.

How fast can startups expect to get funding from BNVP?

Every case is different; it depends on how fast your startup will be able to provide all the documentation required (check PROCESS). If patents and technology are easy to access and verify, our team can assess your startup and provide the answer in just a few days.

Can Early or Growth stage Startup Company apply to BNVP for funding?

Absolutely - we are willing to invest up to 1 million EUR in Early stage startups by ourselves or cooperate with other investors who can bring their share of value to the table. For interesting ventures in Growth stage, we can contribute from 1 to 10 million EUR.

Can startups coming from regions other than Baltic countries apply for investment from BNVP?

Yes, as long as the field in which your startup works matches FOCUS.

What else can BNVP offer besides investing in our startup?

  • Active mentorship and advice,
  • Years of experience and expertise in management, marketing and business administration,
  • Access for expansion and network of connections in European, Israeli and USA markets.
Finally, having BNVP as your partner and investor will add credibility to your newly started company.

Can pre-seed stage Startup Company apply to BNVP for funding?

Startups which would like to be funded by BNVP should have a product prototype already. However, we are always open for inquiries from newly formed startups and ready to share our ideas and advice with you.

What role will BNVP play in my startup?

BNVP will be a partner of your startup. Active management and participation may occur through membership on the board of directors, or through input into other management decisions. Our goal is to see you and your startup succeed, thus we share the same desire to see your company grow.

Do you support startup community and events?

Yes, we actively support various startup community events and projects in the region. Recently we partnered with Startup Monthly Vilnius as Gold sponsors of their first conference in Lithuania.
If you have suggestions on how we could contribute to the development of startup movement, please let us know in CONTACTS section.

Venture Capital Fund

An investment fund that manages money from investors seeking private equity stakes in startup and small- and medium-size enterprises with strong growth potential. These investments are generally characterized as high-risk/high-return opportunities.


A startup company or simply startup, is a company or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.


An angel investor is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

Burn rate

Negative cash flow. It is a measure for how fast a company will use up its shareholder capital.

Business Incubator

Provides workspace, coaching, and support services to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses.


Bootstrapping in business is to start a business without external help/capital. Startups that bootstrap their business fund development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses.


Ways of recouping the capital the entrepreneur has invested in a company. The most common strategy is simply to sell their equity position to someone else.


Stealth mode is a company’s temporary state of secretiveness, usually undertaken in order to avoid alerting competitors to a pending product launch or other business initiative.


Seed-stage startup funding firm based in USA, Silicon valley. Started in 2005 by Paul Graham.

Elevator pitch

A brief overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The pitch is so called because it can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (say, thirty seconds or 100-150 words).


A non-disclosure agreement is an agreement where a third-party agrees to protect your startup’s confidential information idea from disclosure to other parties. An NDA can be one-way (only one party has a confidentiality obligation) or two-way (both parties have confidentiality obligations).

Seed funding

A seed round is a securities offering whereby one or more parties that have some connection to a new enterprise invest the funds necessary to start the business. Seed money is typically used to pay for such preliminary operations as market research and product development.


A Series A round is the name typically given to a company’s first significant round of venture funding in the Silicon Valley model.


Venture Capital/ist. A type of private equity capital typically provided for early-stage, high-potential, growth companies in the interest of generating a return through an eventual realization event such as an IPO or trade sale of the company. Venture capital typically comes from institutional investors and high net worth individuals and is pooled together by dedicated investment firms.



B2C, C2C, C2B, P2P, m-commerce, local; Loyality Programms: Appreciacions, Coalitions, Rewards, Rebate, Partnership
Data, Storage, Hosting, API's, Simple Solutions
Local Business Applications, Low-costs; Development: Simple Product Development Tools, Easy Integrations; Life - VoIP, Service providing, Hosted applications
Games, Gamifications, Geolocations, VR



General Partner

10+ years executive level business experience.

Partnership, Business Development Expertise Modern approach to management, working process control and motivating people.


7+ year experience in IT business.

Expertise in Internet project management, Internet marketing, business administration and development.

Tomas Kebla
Senior Associate

5+ years finance experience.

Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital
and Business Development.


Kareiviu street 6

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